Rising Brand of Plastic Injection Mold

Automotive, especially white goods, aircraft industry, public transport seats and other sectors are produced.

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Plane Industry
Public Transport Seating
Fast and Perfect Service

To know the answer to the demands of the customers in Turkey as well as abroad also exporting Ormold mold; automotive, white goods, medical, transport chairs, serving and aerospace industries.

In 2016, the ISO-9001-2015 a certificate of quality to customers with high quality, fast and flawless products and services. 

Ormold moving with the principle of being always creative and innovative, aims at unconditional customer satisfaction with a professional management approach. Ormold, Italy, exports of the last turn on the adventure.

Our Values

• While delivering our products and services, we focus on customer and move on perfect customer satisfaction principle.

Quality Approach

Documentation of our quality management system by meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 standards, documentation and continuous im...

Our Laboratory

We are aware of our responsibility to today's and future generations. Environmental, economic and our social responsibility all t...


Ormold's power in production; the higher the EDM capacity, the quicker and more accurate it is to perform than its competitors.